Warhammer 40K



The RGSHW Warhammer ClubEdit

We meet every Wednesday 3:45-5:00

Teacher: Need New Teacher

We play Warhammer 40,000 and sometimes, Warhammer Fantasy

Mr Hale (Physics) is No1 choice for next teacher, currently.

Our MembersEdit

Y8: Jonathan Bruce,Jack Mullis

Y9: Toby, James, Richard

A total of 5 Members!

New Members Welcome

Need some new Yr 7 members.

Former Members/TeachersEdit

Mr Earl (Physics)

Mr Young (Chemistry)

Dean Harries - was Space Marines

The Teams We Collect:Edit

Necrons x1

Space Marines x3

Chaos Space Marines x1

Space Wolves x1

Orks x1

This Week's Battles ?/10/12Edit

? Vs ?

? Vs ?

? Vs ?

? Vs ?


Your Favourite 40,000 Team

Latest ActivityEdit

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